Madeline Coquoz


Name: Madeline Coquoz

Born on: 13 January 1999

Place of birth/residence: CH-1649 Pont-la-Ville/Fribourg

Weight: 51 kg

Height: 1.58 m

Competing since: 2007

Swiss best performances: Swiss junior champion 2010-2016, Swiss champion elite 2014-2016

International best performances: European Junior champion in 2016, 10th in the World Junior Diving Championships 2016, 7th in the European Diving Championship Senior

Diving coach: Andy Banks

Fitness coach: Laurent Meuwly

Sponsors: Banque Bonhôte & Cie SA, Aide Sportive Suisse, Loro-Sport

Favourite divers: Tania Cagnotto, He Zi

Slogan: "One of the keys to success is self-confidence. One of the keys to self-confidence is training.”


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